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Gift Certificate3.5x8.5

$99.95 USD

Welcome to SDCPRINTS.COM, where the art of gifting meets customization! Introducing our Custom Printed Gift Certificates 3.5x8.5, the perfect solution to elevate your business and offer personalized gifting experiences. These branded gift vouchers are crafted on premium heavy 14pt. C2S card stock, these certificates are a tangible expression of the exceptional quality your brand represents.

Why Choose Our Custom Printed Gift Certificates:

  1. Premium Quality: Our certificates are printed on top-tier 14pt. C2S card stock, ensuring a luxurious and durable feel. The heavy-weight stock enhances the perceived value of your gift certificates. 8.5" wide x 3.5" tall.

  2. Full-Color Brilliance: Make a lasting impression with vibrant, full-color printing on both sides of the certificate. Your custom branding and design will captivate recipients, turning each certificate into a visual masterpiece.

  3. Custom Branding: Personalize your gift certificates to align seamlessly with your business identity. From restaurants and coffee shops to breweries and small businesses, our certificates offer a unique branding opportunity that leaves a memorable mark.

  4. Versatile Gift Solution: Ideal for various businesses, our gift certificates provide a versatile gifting solution. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, they allow recipients to enjoy your products or services in a way that suits them best.

  5. Fast Production Turnaround: We understand the importance of prompt service. With a fast production turnaround of 3-5 business days, you can swiftly implement your gift certificate program and start boosting your business.

Give the gift of choice with our Custom Printed Gift Certificates from SDCPRINTS.COM. Elevate your brand, delight your customers, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Order now and witness the transformative power of personalized gifting experiences that leave a lasting impression!

Upload Art Requirements:

Thank you for choosing SDCPRINTS.COM for your custom printing needs! To ensure the highest quality output, please adhere to the following art submission requirements:

  1. Resolution and Color Mode:

    • Artwork should be submitted at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) for optimal print quality.
    • Use the CMYK color mode to ensure accurate color reproduction.
  2. Bleed and Trim Size:

    • Design your artwork with a full background image to bleed at 8.75x3.75 inches.
    • Keep all important text and images within 1/4 inch from all sides to prevent any content from being cut off during trimming.
  3. File Formats:

    • Accepted file formats include PDF and JPG. Ensure your artwork is saved in one of these formats for smooth processing.
  4. Copyright Compliance:

    • Only submit art that adheres to copyright laws. Images taken from the web without proper licensing are not permitted.
    • Ensure that you have the right to use and reproduce any images or content included in your artwork.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to a seamless printing process and guarantee that your final product meets the highest standards of quality. If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing SDCPRINTS.COM. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!